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  1. Rosemarie Farrell
    Rosemarie Farrell
    I’m a retired critical care RN who just loves living in LWR
  2. Rosemarie Farrell
    Rosemarie Farrell
    Just getting back on after prolonged illness. How can I add a picture and change my password
  3. Marty Cone
    Marty Cone
    Excited to be here in LWR! Could use a little less rain though :)
  4. Erecioxd
  5. Jolly Rancher
    Jolly Rancher
    I just relocated to Lakewood Ranch. Can anyone suggest any groups for a middle aged single woman?
  6. Jolly Rancher
    Jolly Rancher
    I just relocated to Lakewood Ranch. Can anyone suggest any groups for a middle aged single woman?
  7. GreenbrookDad326
    Grnbrk single Dad w/ 6 yr old daughtr- stays weeknds. Seekng LWR "Dad" groups or 6-7 yr old friends for play dates-need suggestions please!
  8. CB Kapacinskas
    CB Kapacinskas
    Just moved in!
  9. Jon A. Hughes
    Jon A. Hughes Joe Sidiski
    Good job Joe concerning meetings and compensation saw the article in the newspaper. The other board members who don't like it maybe they should just resign guess they don't have the residents in mind only themselves
  10. Actordad
    Can anyone recommend a good company for installing a granite countertop.
  11. GregL
    Last year we did a motorcycle ride to Mississippi. Great time and great friends.
  12. DebNJ2FL
    DebNJ2FL Bob Bronston
    Hello Bob, I find your posts very informative and you are a wealth of information. Would you be able to recommend a few real estate attorneys? Thanks. Deb
    1. Bob Bronston
      Bob Bronston
      If you look here first, I sent you a PM.
      Oct 23, 2015
  13. Willy
    Willy Lakewood Ranch Talking
    no please delete them I'm voting my self of the island, I have nothing to contribute of value
  14. MLH
    Hi there. We moved here from Brookfield about 2 years ago. We are on Longview Lake Circle. Where do you live?
  15. MarioRognini
    Philadelphia Property Investment Advisor
  16. Donna Renzetti
    Donna Renzetti
    The prices have increased due to rising gas costs..$65.00 for 1 or 2; $75 for 4.
  17. Mikey737
    Have a good day.
  18. Karen Jones
    Karen Jones
    Hi! I am Karen Jones ~ better know as KJ ~ with "Event Designing by KJ" ! If you need help with your Wedding or Event - please contact me!
  19. Nathalia
    Anybody heard 2 loud explosions around 11:30 last night?
  20. FLNative1
    Lots of knowledge regarding LWR real estate, resident since 'o4. Sales currently are slowing again for many builders and good for buyers.
  21. FLNative1
    Loving and Living in Lakewood Ranch since 2004!!!!!
  22. Tina Ciaccio
    Tina Ciaccio
    Proudly Live and Sell Real Estate in Lakewood Ranch
  23. Lori Quinlan
    Lori Quinlan
    Lakewood Ranch Realtor & Resident
  24. Roxanne
    Found Cat Colonial Grand Apartments White, orange and possibly another color, can't catch it. Please email me at
  25. Gretchen Baumhover
    Gretchen Baumhover amy walker
    Amy I saw that you are new to the area. Where did you move from? I moved to LWR in July with my daughters from Richmond, VA.