Are you all members of the country club?

Discussion in 'The Country Club' started by Tina Cherapovak, Feb 5, 2015.

  1. We are considering joining. We're not much golfers but would like to learn. I'm wondering if most people here are members of the club if they feel like it's a good value for money. I like the idea of social evenings and meeting people but I'm not sure if we'll golf enough to make it worthwhile.
  2. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    We were members when we first moved here. After a few years we found all we were using was "Pasta and Prime Rib Night". It became a very expensive meal. Please join as we are waiting for our membership refund and it won't happen until more people sign up and take our spot.
  3. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    You can get a 2-day free VIP club membership pass so you can try it to see what you think. There's also a 60 day Get Acquainted membership for $1000 refundable deposit where you only pay the guest fees. If you decide to permanently join, I believe the money you spent in guest fees gets credited to your account. There is a social membership but the Silver membership gives you golf from May thru October.
  4. Thank you for that info Bob. I will try a pass and see what I think. I did sneak in there for a look around and it seemed a little old for me. Not that I'm young, I just think I am. I'm leaning towards the Ritz so I can go to the beach club which I'll probably use more.

    Don - how long have you been waiting for your moolah back? Your post made me smile!
  5. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    We submitted our resignation in May, 2011. They said it could take 5 years for a return of our money as there were 65 names ahead of us. I guess they don't get many memberships these days.
  6. Fluffy1954

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    That's an awful long time to must be close now though - it will be like Christmas when you get it!

    Tina - if you're not into golf that much and are thinking about the Ritz for the beach you should also look at the Longboat Key Club.
  7. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    Yesterday I called and found out i was now number 40 on the list. The policy is they take one of each four admissions from the waiting list so it will take another 160 before I get my refund. She said maybe two more years. I think it will be at least five years. I should have read the fine print when we joined. I was also told the new policy is no refunds at all. Oh, well. I will let my kids know to look for it once I'm in "The Home".
  8. Steve Metcalf

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    "The home" - that's funny.

    We have not joined the club. We considered it and even did the two day trial period. We went to the athletic center and had dinner one night at the club and were not impressed with either. I know some people love it but I don't think we would get our money's worth out of it.
  9. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    Gosh Darn; I was counting on you to start the windfall of applications. Oh well, I will be patient.

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