Burglaries in Country Club

Discussion in 'The Country Club' started by Steve Metcalf, Nov 18, 2014.

  1. Steve Metcalf

    Steve Metcalf Super-Star Member

    I posted this in the main forum but if you are in the CC there was another burglary last night. This message says what he police are looking for.

    Dear Whitemarsh residents,

    Early this afternoon a courtyard style home in Whitemarsh was broken into. The residents were out of the house at the time, in fact they had recently left the house, suggesting that perhaps that someone was watching. Some pieces of jewelry were stolen.

    The police have asked that all residents be particularly vigilant until these burglars are caught.
    In particular….
    Always lock your doors and set your alarm when you leave the house.
    Be on the lookout for suspicious people or vehicles. Police are thinking that there may be 3 accomplices, one a white male with brown hair, the second a short Hispanic looking female and thirdly a taller “scuzzy” looking female. They are also interested in a grey van that may be being used.
    The police stress that if you see anyone or anything suspicious call 911 immediately. They really need our on-site help to catch these people. Do not be afraid that you are wasting their time.
    If you see a suspicious van and can safely get the plate number, again call 911.
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  2. Emily Peterson

    Emily Peterson Well-Known Member

    It's pretend gated.
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  3. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    I just received a forwarded email regarding a burglary that occurred in Legend's Walk this past Sunday. The thief or thieves popped a slider lock to enter, took mostly jewelry, and left through the front door. They are asking anyone who saw anything suspicious around the corner of Legends and Oasis between 12:30pm and 1pm to contact the MCSO. Apparently, the resident left at 12:30pm, the crook entered at 12:47pm, and left at 12:53pm...according to the alarm.
  4. Fluffy1954

    Fluffy1954 Super-Star Member

    What? How is that possible...6 minutes in the house with the alarm blaring? I realize you Bob don't know - I'm asking the universe.
  5. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    I'm not surprised to see another slider entry but I was surprised to read that they used the front door to leave. That seems odd to me. I don't know if they had a siren or horn. Some alarms don't utilize them. Some talk, and some don't make any sound at all. Even if it was blaring, I'm sure they knew to expect it so it seems like a simple matter to use earplugs. Six minutes seems like a long time to be there to me with an alarm going, though. It may not be enough time for the PD to get there but it is plenty of time for a neighbor with a gun to come around. Seems kind of reckless to me....but then, these are burglars we are talking about and that is inherently reckless, anyway.
  6. michellemybelle

    michellemybelle Founding Member

    The times given are interesting. This is what is says on the police blotter:

    S1502230474 02/23/2015 10:30 FOLLOW UP INVESTIGATION 13600 BLOCK LEGENDS WALK TER
    S1502220718 02/22/2015 17:14 BURGLARY 13600 BLOCK LEGENDS WALK TER
    S1502220715 02/22/2015 17:13 HOLD-UP ALARM - RESIDENTIAL 13600 BLOCK LEGENDS WALK TER

    I wonder if there was a delayed call from the alarm company? Something doesn't sound right - I can't imagine someone having the guts to stay robbing a house for 6 minutes with the alarm going off. Also troubling is the fact that the burglary happened soon after they left.
  7. Bobby

    Bobby Well-Known Member

    "Do to the increased price of ammunition......A warning shot will not be fired"......That sign is posted on my sliders.
    Simple fix for sliders if you never had them. Cut a broom stick or buy a dowel the same width as your door, then lay it in the track. They have to break the glass for entry.
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  8. michellemybelle

    michellemybelle Founding Member

    Wouldn't you think that sliders on newish houses would have sensors on the sliders though?
  9. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    That only keeps them from sliding the door. It doesn't prevent them from lifting the door right off the tracks. I've never tried it but I've been told it's pretty easy after breaking the lock.
  10. Emily Peterson

    Emily Peterson Well-Known Member

    I don't know about her robbery history but how they let her go with a distracted driving ticket is beyond me. It seems to happen all the time around here (Sarasota not LWR).
  11. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    ^^^I agree. If you are so ADD that you can be excused for killing someone on a bicycle then you are too ADD to have a license in the first place. I know everything these days is no one's fault but this was inexcusable.
  12. michellemybelle

    michellemybelle Founding Member

    It's absolutely inconceivable that they let her go. Imagine if it was your parents (God forbid) out for a nice little bike ride and this happens. I just don't get it.
  13. SasaSara

    SasaSara Well-Known Member

    Add me to the list of folks that don't get it. I see she (or her insurance company I suppose) is being sued civilly by the family. That still won't harm the driver though.
  14. Momma Shak

    Momma Shak New Member

    I am writing in reference to the burglary in Country Club on Feb. 22nd in Legends Walk because it was my house that was broken into. To set the record straight - everything in the above post is correct - because I pretty much wrote it as part of the email that I sent to the Chair of the Safety Committee for CC and Edgewater. The other posts assume inaccurate information, so I felt compelled to write.

    We have an ADT Pulse alarm system that was NOT set upon our departure, because it was a Sunday afternoon in the Country Club and up until now we have primarily used our alarm for self-protection sat night. Obviously, that has changed. However, all doors and windows were locked. So, no alarm was blazing when the intruders broke-in. The burglars broke off the standard builder grade lever lock on our slider and also tried to break the lock off the other slider lock and a door lock, all located within the pool cage. Despite not setting the alarm, we have chimes on the doors to alert us if our children are coming/going. ADT’s system logs all such opening and closings ... therefore, why we know exactly when we departed the house (12:28pm) and when the intruders entered (12:47pm) and left (12:56pm). And, YES, they used the front door to depart, because it was unlocked when we came back and the alarm shows it being opened and closed.

    When we arrived home from the beach that day, it was shortly after 5:00pm. We all needed showers, so I headed to my bathroom and saw two mismatched earrings on my bathroom vanity, which I thought was odd. I turned into my closet to open a large wall jewelry armoire and found it COMPLETELY EMPTY. That’s when I knew we had been robbed. That’s also when I also realized that I had no idea if anyone was still in the house - so while yelling to my husband to get the kids out of the house, I hit the ADT police sign on my alarm pad. That is why the police blotter says what it does. The MCSO responded shortly afterward.

    A very large amount of jewelry was stolen from the master bedroom/bathroom area - this is where 90% of burglars go when they break-in to a home. So, I doubt that we were “targeted” by somebody we know or that has done work in the house but you never really know unless somebody is caught. Neighbors witnessed a black SUV shortly before and after the entry, and have provided that information to the detective assigned to the case, Detective Magnasson with the MCSO. Gate video footage is also being reviewed to determine if that vehicle can be seen exiting the neighborhood around the departure time. There is also other physical evidence, so there may be some hope identifying a suspect down the road.

    The experience, besides making us feel more insecure and less trusting, has taken an enormous amount of time cataloging items we have had for decades including many sentimental heirlooms. What is more concerning to me, however, is the number of break-ins we apparently have here in LWR. Many people have emailed in response to my email requesting information related to our break-in. Several of those have shared very similar stories. Three weeks ago another home in the Country Club was robbed of $100,000 in jewelry, and within the last year at least 5-6 other homes within or near the Country Club have also had their homes broken into (and I’m sure there are more) all of which were in the 100s of thousands of dollars. These are not “kids” looking for extra cash. This is more professional and targeted crime. So, when you have a “PRETEND” gates, rather than deterring crime, you are actually inviting criminals to your home because they know you are hiding high end items. We need to solve the gate issue once and for all. Either pay the county for the roads/associated bonds and lock the community for REAL, or quit spending money on gates/guards that are actually hindering traffic and making it inconvenient for legitimate business and do nothing to prevent REAL crime. Use that money for 24 hour video surveillance. Until then ...

    1. set your alarm (like we didn’t) day and night (you pay for it/use it!) and ensure monitoring systems are in place that you can easily access
    2. replace those silly slider door locks with something more heavy duty like CAL Double Bolt locks found here http://www.caldoubleboltlock.com. We are not endorsing any particular product, but it’s the concept of having more secure lock than what was originally provided. These locks can be purchased on amazon for $28 and you can install them yourself if you have the right drill. However, if a burglar wants in, they can probably find a way - don’t forget to secure items IN your home via safes bolted to the floor or other devices that can’t be carried off. This includes jewelry and weapons. Certain inexpensive safes found at hardware stores can easily be broken into - this is your valuable property - invest a little on keeping it secure. You may thank yourself later. Put safes other than in your master bedroom/bathroom.
    3. install video camera surveillance on your private property. It is not very expensive and can be done by purchasing systems that work off your own computer.
    4. Check your insurance company policies and know what coverage you have and make changes you need. ASI has only $1,000 coverage for jewelry on homeowners insurance - you need to inquire about riders or floaters above and beyond normal coverage. You will also need receipts and/appraisals for higher end items. Keep these organized and up to date so you don’t spend hours/days to try to remember what you had and find documentation. Take photos of your jewelry boxes, etc. so that you can remember what you had. Log all serial and model numbers.

    We should also be demanding more resources to solve these crimes, as there is only one detective assigned to the entire LWR community and beyond towards Myakka and there is no police sub-station anywhere near. Where do those tax dollars go? Obviously, not here. It took 3 days to assign a detective and two weeks to get video surveillance reviewed. Think we are going to recover any of our belongings? Lol!

    Thank you to my neighbors who did make observations and reported them. Along with the security logs we were able to obtain, we might actually find a suspect. We need to take care of each other and keep an eye out for one another - tell your neighbors when you are going out of town and give your numbers to neighbors (cell/email) so you can be contacted immediately. Remain vigilant and call 911 if you are uncertain. Rather be safe than sorry.

    Lock up and stay safe!
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  15. amy walker

    amy walker Super-Star Member

    Gosh Momma Shak - I don't even know what to say. Thank you for posting and for reminding us about setting our alarms (something I am very guilty of not doing if I'm just popping out).
  16. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    We've been there so I not only appreciate your advice and information, I know the anger and frustration involved, too. Serialized items, at least, present the possibility of a recovery but the chances of recovering jewelry are next to zero...at least they were for us. I hope you have a much better outcome.
  17. Steve Metcalf

    Steve Metcalf Super-Star Member

    Having been in this situation years ago (not in Florida) I know how you're feeling. It took my wife years to get over it, to really feel comfortable at home again. Plus some of the stuff that was taken was really important to her and not worth much so it seemed all the more senseless.

    These break-ins seems to be happening fairly soon after the occupants leave the house. Coincidence? I would think someone watching houses would be easy to spot.

    Sorry once again and thank you for taking the time to post.
  18. Beth C.

    Beth C. Super-Star Member

    Wow Mamma Shak. So sorry for your ordeal. Thank you for taking the time to remind us of theses safety precautions. I think we all get a little too complacent.
  19. michellemybelle

    michellemybelle Founding Member

    Hi Momma Shak. I'm the one who wrote above about them staying in your house with the alarms blaring. I'm sorry, I didn't realize the alarm wasn't on and I didn't mean to cause you any more angst.

    I agree with everything you said about the gates and security. I hope they find the bast***s that did this to you.
  20. Momma Shak

    Momma Shak New Member

    No worries, I just didn't want folks to think the intruders were more blazen than they were! and yes, I hope we catch them too ... First couple of weeks we were in shock. Now we are just angry as we face insurance companies & knowing we will not recover our entire loss.
  21. BillJacob

    BillJacob Well-Known Member

    There was a robbery in Muirfield yesterday early in the afternoon. The homeowners were only gone about an hour. The alarm was not turned on.
  22. BillJacob

    BillJacob Well-Known Member

  23. luby162

    luby162 Super-Star Member

    Wow, used a rock ?? almost sounds amateurish, and at 4 pm... wonder if it could be HS kids or contractors on the way home or something... Crazy

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