Central Park Email: its downfall

Discussion in 'Central Park' started by RiceRice, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. That person obviously had issues for CP to internally handle and address....you reposted it and entitled "downfall"....an overt and offensive act done by you simply to hurt our community you cannot make excuses for. More you try to write on it with some of the lamest excuses I've ever read, worse you make yourself look.

    You had no business posting it....you don't live here, it's none of your business. Please move on with your life....I'm done writing to you on this, not worth anymore of my time.
  2. RiceRice

    RiceRice Super-Star Member

    It's everyone's business when everyone's private information is in question.
  3. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    this all sounds like high school politics only with more money!!

    you hoa people blow chunks.

    I applaud the man the revealed the truths....

    I was banned from my communities HOA meetings after I revealed the property manager they hired had several open arrests for check fraud.
    I pointed out that we were giving her personal information... and she was a crook

    ya'll get what you deserve bahahahahahahahahha bahahhahahahahahahahha
  4. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    notice the post above refering to her house ????? not a home, but a house. ie. its a damn investment
  5. Happy

    Happy Super-Star Member

    A house is where you make your home, what better description do you want?

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