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Discussion in 'Main Forum - The Watercooler' started by D.D., Apr 18, 2017.

  1. D.D.

    D.D. New Member

    Hello- moving to Greyhawk landing this June. Kids will go toLWR HS, but my understanding is only a swim team.
    Anyone know of diving team or club?

    Also any other ideas for kids to meet friends in summer would be appreciated!

  2. amy walker

    amy walker Super-Star Member

  3. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    avoid the team at lwr athletic center, worst coaching i have ever seen
  4. D.D.

    D.D. New Member

    Maybe they don't have a team anymore! I am realizing diving is not big in the area.
  5. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    hard to even find a diving board in this litigation happy society
  6. amy walker

    amy walker Super-Star Member

    Oh are they no more? It's been a while since I heard anything about them. The best team in the area is the Sarasota Sharks but in this case "the area" is really far away in Sarasota.
  7. luby162

    luby162 Super-Star Member

    The athletic center swim team, the Lakewood Ranch Lightning are still around, in fact they have a waiting list.... glad to see Piemaker is still talking crap about nothing he knows about....
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  8. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    ohhh I know, I watch that lousy coach nearly everyday. she is loud, rude, and not a very good coach...

    I have watched her and her chubby assistant text endlessly while children swim laps mindlessly.
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  9. Happy

    Happy Super-Star Member

    Is there anything you like or approve of? All you do is b1tch about everything posted here. Do you actually believe you are that intelligent that you are better than anyone else on this site or are you just a disgruntled old person with nothing better to do than complain about everything someone else writes about?
  10. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    YES there is lots I approve of and like.

    I try to shine a light on reality

    YES I am indeed better

    YES I am old and disgruntled

    And back on topic......

    The swim "team" at LWR athletic center is no more than afternoon pool day care.
    The coach is unattentive, the children unruly and screwing around not focused.

    Several years ago there was a man that was the coach, he was involved, he followed the children up and down the lanes coaching.
    he kept involved as well as the children attentive.

    The current coach just sits and attempts to direct children that are paying no attention.

    So yes, I know exactly what I am talking about. I see it almost daily at the pool.
    I saw the old coach, I see the new "coach"

    I spent years seeing how the Sharks (one of the best teams in the country) handle their practices.

    Know you know the rest of the story, Good Day.
  11. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Pi, we all know you live under the the bridge waiting on your monthly allotment of medical marijuana. Have you gotten a part time job at the LWR Athletic Center?:p
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  12. Happy

    Happy Super-Star Member

    Really, you like something? Please let us know what that might be.
  13. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    drug free since 1963
  14. Gary Berns

    Gary Berns Super-Star Member

    Pi. That's both admirable and solipsistic. The question is what other than you do you like?
  15. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    I believe in the sweet spot, soft core pornography, opening your presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve, and I believe in long, slow, deep, soft, wet kisses that last three days

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