Finally......Lorraine Road Repaving

Discussion in 'Main Forum - The Watercooler' started by George, Apr 20, 2017.

  1. George

    George Super-Star Member

    The County will begin repaving Lorraine Road next week. I do wonder how they will be able to repave while the piping repairs are going on though. Just glad to hear that the road will finally get the rehab it needs.
  2. Jim C

    Jim C Super-Star Member

    I guess that means more police targeting for speeders on Lorraine and adding to their coffers right George
  3. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Jim, if you have an issue with the police targeting speeders, I suggest you bring your concerns to your local law enforcement agency. :p
  4. BillJacob

    BillJacob Well-Known Member

    I got excited when I saw this thread because I thought it was the part of Lorraine between University and Fruitville that was being paved. Alas! When is that part scheduled to be finished?
  5. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Bill, that construction has been in process a while now already.. The last estimate I heard for completion is Fall 2017. Lorraine will be the first road completed direct to Fruitville. LWR Blvd to Fruitville will happen after Lorraine.

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