Greenbrook Safety Committee Meeting - April 3 @ 7PM

Discussion in 'Greenbrook' started by Keith Davey, Mar 24, 2017.

  1. Keith Davey

    Keith Davey Well-Known Member

    The next Greenbrook safety meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 3 at 7:00 PM at Town Hall. Please RSVP ( if you plan to attend this meeting. If we don’t have at least 10 RSVPs by March 28, we’ll know that a meeting isn’t needed and it will be cancelled.

    All Greenbrook residents are encouraged to attend. A Manatee County sheriff’s deputy and a representative from our security service will be at the meeting. Deputy Younger always has suggestions for personal protection and tips for safety precautions. During previous meetings, we have discussed road issues (speeding, street parking, golf carts), security (identity theft, personal safety actions, lamp post lights), incidents (noise issues, drug use), and traffic concerns (traffic lights at various State Road 70 intersections, pedestrian signals, sidewalk extensions).

    If you have any topics that should be discussed at this meeting, please send them to me at . You can also ask specific questions at the meeting.

    Various safety reports can be obtained from the following LWR website: Select CDD4 and the quick link appears in the upper left corner of the page. Please contact me if you have any questions or need additional information.

    Community Development District 4 (Greenbrook)
    Lakewood Ranch
  2. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    step up your safety.... you had a child murdered in your community, you have drug deals going down in the park

    and this happened while you worried about a golf cart on the sidewalk, wake up and handle the real concerns
  3. Keith Davey

    Keith Davey Well-Known Member

    The person who was murdered knew the people who attacked him. The fact that it happened in Greenbrook Park was not preventable. Both parks are patrolled regularly by the sheriff and our security company to identify and eliminate the drug problems. Captain Bob Mealy and Deputy Younger will be at our meeting Monday night to answer questions and talk about Greenbrook Park vandalism, the Pirate Perch school drop-off problem, and other issues raised by residents.

    The issues we discuss at the Safety Committee meetings are relevant to our residents. Since you mentioned golf carts, they are a safety hazard if driven on the street (which is illegal without a license place, headlights, tail lights, etc.) or on the sidewalks. The HOA has had numerous complaints about carts driven recklessly by young drivers.
  4. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    young drivers in golfcarts? thank our lucky stars they are not drunk on 4 locos and driving moms suv 100+ down lwr blvd, or causing fatal accidents on i-75
  5. Keith Davey

    Keith Davey Well-Known Member

    Captain Bob Mealy and Deputy Russ Younger will attend the meeting to discuss various issues affecting Greenbrook such as:
    · Pirate Perch school drop-off problem
    · Greenbrook Park vandalism
    · Drug activity in Adventure Park and Greenbrook Park
    · Any questions from residents
    We also want to remind residents that community shred day will occur on Saturday, April 29 from 9AM to Noon. Lakewood Ranch Town Hall has partnered with Grow Financial to provide an opportunity for the public to shred documents that may contain sensitive information such as medical and financial records, credit card statements, canceled checks, insurance forms, old tax returns, and any other personal documents.
    North Drop Off: Grow Financial, 11008 Arcade Place, 34211 (Lakewood Ranch Blvd & SR64)
    South Drop Off: Lakewood Ranch Town Hall
  6. Happy

    Happy Super-Star Member

    More whiteman problems?
  7. Keith Davey

    Keith Davey Well-Known Member

    The minutes from the April 3 Greenbrook Safety Committee meeting are attached. If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me. Thanks.


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  8. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    Why does the greenbrook safety comittee want the police to try and enforce a sign that is just a suggestion?

    Why is the comittee not concerned with murders and body dumping?

    why is bird feces more of a concern than dead human beings?
  9. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Why does petty, pitiful, pathetic, Pi constantly try to put down our awesomely wonderful Greenbrook community?

    Oh, I do know why......

    Jealousy is a Green Eyed Envious Monster. :p:):D
  10. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    im not putting your "community" down just curious as to why ya'll value light posts more than human life
  11. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Where ya been, Pi? I'm still curious about your home neighborhood. Where in awesomely wonderful Lakewood Ranch do you reside?
  12. midw37

    midw37 Super-Star Member

    I have no connection to Greenbrook but am curious about your post Pi. How do they value light over life?
  13. piemaker

    piemaker Super-Star Member

    The highlight of the meeting is how to stop birds from pooping on lamp posts
  14. midw37

    midw37 Super-Star Member

    You must have minutes in your dreams. Didn't see that in the posted minutes.
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