Handheld Transponders for any Contractor?

Discussion in 'The Country Club' started by Robert Teem, Dec 19, 2014.

  1. Robert Teem

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    Is anyone in favor of the new policy allowing any contractor/vendor doing work in the CC to apply for a handheld transponder good for one year just to alleviate gate traffic? I think this puts us all at greater risk to crime since some burglaries have been blamed on contractors. Town hall didn't even trust its own residents with handheld transponders in fear we may allow others to use them to gain access, but now it's acceptable for contractors that no one knows and who don't live here? I guess next steps will be to remove the gates altogether. After all, the next logical argument, why do we maintain gates on public roads?
  2. Bob Bronston

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    I didn't know that until just now. I always thought they should give transponders to agents because we are in and out often and, let's face it, we walk thru people's homes all the time without incident so I think we can be trusted to use an unmanned gate.

    To your point, though, if I lived behind the gates, I'd be upset, too, but it might help to remember that during construction phases, many gated communities leave their gates open during the day, anyway.
  3. Steve Metcalf

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    I'm VERY anti this and I wonder what the heck they (our representatives) are thinking. First they are trying to make the CC more secure, tightening up gate entry procedure and even looking at making the roads private down the line. Then this. It leaves me scratching my head it really does. This is the email that was sent around that explains what is going on.

    The Lakewood Ranch Community Development Districts 2, 5 and 6 recently approved a policy (attached) that sets forth the process and rules whereby a vendor hired by a homeowner can purchase a gate transponder. This policy is designed to reduce traffic “stacking” at the Balmoral and Legacy Gates during peak vendor entry hours, which will increase safety for both residents and guests alike and will provide for quicker, controlled access for approved vendors. The policy will also provide enhanced security by tracking the movements of vendors with transponders in and out of these gates. Here are some highlights of the policy:

    Transponders for vendors are $100 annually, per transponder.

    Vendors must be bona fide contractors/vendors who have legitimate business in the Country Club (information will be verified by staff).

    Gate access is for Balmoral and Legacy only between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm.

    Vendors must complete an application and be approved by Town Hall.

    No handheld transponders will be issued to vendors.

    The policy also provides for a “Vendor Code of Conduct” whereby any violation of the Code would result in a revocation of the transponder privilege.
  4. Bob Bronston

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    After reading what you posted, I think it is beginning to make sense. First, the roads are public so no one can be refused. The transponders only work at the manned gates and the transponders record their coming and going, just as the cameras record those who go thru the manned lanes at these entrances. So, effectively, the transponders only speed up the process of getting these folks thru the gates that they were going to get thru in the first place, and guests and people like me don't have to wait for the trucks to go thru the manned lane.
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