I. Can. Not. Take. This. Traffic.

Discussion in 'Main Forum - The Watercooler' started by Carie, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Carie

    Carie Founding Member

    I really can't. The traffic on University (East of 75) and then on 75 itself is going to drive me insane. There is simply no escape and no way around it. Trying to get anywhere around 5pm is an exercise in futility. And don't get me started on the light at Edgewater and University. Who designed that so it immediately turns red to the traffic on University as soon as one stinkin car pulls up to the light at Edgewater or the Business Park? Who, I want to know! I get stopped there every single day. And lets build more and more houses shall we. Arrrggh.

    I need a drink, a therapist, a massage and a helicopter. In that order.
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  2. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Absolutely correct Carie. I like your plan to get through it too!!
  3. Carie

    Carie Founding Member

    I've had a Salted Caramel Baileys and I'm a little calmer now lol.
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  4. midw37

    midw37 Super-Star Member

    I used to have to drive fifty minutes twice a day to go ten miles. Nothing down here fazes me.
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  5. Cheddar

    Cheddar Super-Star Member

    Visited some friends on LBK on Wed. It took 1:45 to get home to Central Park. Brutal.
    The distressing part is that it is only going to get worse. I really do enjoy living in this area but there will be a tipping point.
  6. Chuck

    Chuck Super-Star Member

    I'm in the DC area right now and traffic is HORRIBLE from 6am-10am and 2:30pm-7pm daily. I think this area has been rated in the top 3 in the US for worst traffic for the past several years. As a comparative I lived in Tokyo for four years and the traffic there makes DC traffic look like a walk in the park!
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  7. Cheddar

    Cheddar Super-Star Member

    And your point is about traffic here in the Sarasota / Bradenton area?
    We should be glad we do not live in DC or Tokyo?
  8. Chuck

    Chuck Super-Star Member

    The point I was trying to make is that personally traffic in the Sarasota/Bradenton area is tolerable. And yes, again comparatively, if you consider traffic there brutal and distressing there ARE worse places :)
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  9. Cheddar

    Cheddar Super-Star Member

    And there are also many places where the traffic is not nearly as bad. Just saying.
    The recent announcement of the plans for The Waterside development just south of University along with numerous other ones currently underway is cause for concern in relation to traffic.
  10. Chuck

    Chuck Super-Star Member

    I agree.
  11. Jim C

    Jim C Super-Star Member

    Friday night traveling west at 5 pm on 70 the 3 lanes of traffic was backed up from 75 east to the entrance to Rosedale.
    The lane on the right was even further back almost to Woodland.
    The whole reason was that both sides of 75 were at a standstill.

    So let us look on the bright side.
    Most if not all the issues are due to the construction of the diverging diamond.
    Yes This should have been accomplished and finished when the mall opened. It didn't so it is what it is for another year.
    Before the construction of the village south of UP, LWR Blvd. Lorraine and Deer Pkwy (?) will be completed to Fruitville.
    SMR has laid out $70 million for the construction of these roads.
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  12. the diverging diamond will not resolve the issue.
  13. floridaguy.com

    floridaguy.com Super-Star Member

    Really? How do you have a qualified answer for what you stated?
  14. Yes, some inflated ego crackerdip engineer dreamed up the diverging diamond. I-75 / university is FAR from the top of the list of busy high traffic interchanges in the state... or country. yet we build one here? the traffic gets congested because
    #1 people have no clue where they are going.
    #2 as long as i-75 is flowing the traffic flows... if i75 jams university jams... the dd will not resolve this fact.
  15. ernieren

    ernieren Super-Star Member

    The biggest issue for us out east is the accidents that happen on I-75 . Thats when the other roads get backed up more than normal. I work in west Bradenton and traffic over here is worse due to the beach traffic it takes me 15 mins to travel 2 lights . But one thing everyone should do is find the side roads that you can bypass some of the traffic . Also remember it's spring break right now .
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  16. Jim C

    Jim C Super-Star Member

    Just some notes and info from the DD on the internet. VPI is not some "inflated ego cracker dip engineer".

    From 2009 to 2015 in the United States, more than 60 DDIs were built, most of them replacing an existing interchange.[13]
    DD research was conducted by a partnership of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and the Turner-Fairbank Highway Research Center and published by Ohio Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers.[11]
    As for safety, Michael Trentacoste of the Federal Highway Administration says the diverging diamond interchanges are safer.
    "From a safety standpoint, we knew there would be less conflict points," Trentacoste said. "You have traffic that wasn't going to be crossing in front of oncoming traffic, because traffic is moved to the left."
    The idea is to make this interchange safer and improve traffic flow by eliminating the need for left-turn signals that hold up oncoming traffic.
    So, you might ask, if the diverging diamond interchange design is such a great solution, why did it take so long for one to get built? After all, France has used the design since the 1970s.
    Saiko says it's all about perception. It just seemed risky to have drivers go to the left as they cross a bridge.
    "Nobody wanted to be first," Saiko said. Nobody wanted to try it with the public. They didn't think they would accept it.
    "But we took it to our public meetings. They saw the animation of how it would work and you could see people saying, 'Hey. This is going to work.' "
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  17. wanna make any bets how many fatalities this farce will cause?

    i saw the animation.... it is a joke, people cannot drive down lwr blvd with out hitting trees, and ya'll wanna ask people to drive the DD...

    the only honest engineer is a domestic engineer... the rest are frauds
  18. ps carlie.... you are not stuck in traffic you ARE traffic
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  19. Fluffy1954

    Fluffy1954 Super-Star Member

    There was an animation on here a while back with results of a study they did on how drivers managed to navigate a diamond for the first time. Most did well but there were a couple of oldies that got very confused and went the wrong way. That's what scares me around here, the old folk. I've seen how they (because I'm very young!) drive around the circles near the mall. They stop on them and drift lanes and occasionally go the wrong way entirely.

    But I agree the traffic is unbearable right now. Hope for relief like Jim said a year from now.
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  20. we have a large amount of confused drivers...

    that area is a "destination" for both benderson park events, and the UTC as such a large amount of the drivers will not have experience with a DD.

    lots of people are going to be confused... a DD is not the answer
  21. Cheddar

    Cheddar Super-Star Member

    Usually Traffic Congestion
  22. so you are saying UTC is a success and causing congestion? local media outlets are often saying the mall is a failure?
  23. Jim C

    Jim C Super-Star Member

    Bobby, Bobby, Bobby, once the construction is done 75 will be wider and less congested due to the 4 lane width, thus traffic merging onto 75 will be smoother and not slow entering and exiting issues.

    The biggest issue right now is the CONSTRUCTION on 75. Very few observe the 60 MPH zone that is there now. I see so many doing 70++ in that area.
    I'd love to see several state troopers there all day banging out tickets at double the face value so drivers would slow down.
    Of course George would say they are adding to their slush funds ; 0

    The DD will allow for better flow to and from 75 as well as less cross over into UTC and Cooper Creek.
    Yes in the beginning there will be confusion but IMO that will quickly go away.
  24. G. Fuschetto

    G. Fuschetto Super-Star Member

    I am an engineer. I am a fraud.
  25. Cheddar

    Cheddar Super-Star Member

    I'm sure the DD will help and it better for $75 million but I still question the wisdom of putting every store known to man all in the same general area.

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