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  1. Sherimcb

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    Hi. Our family is considering relocating to LWR from the Philadelphia area. Our kids are 10 and 12 and we are in our early 40s. Our girls are active and enjoy playing outside, swimming, biking, etc. We would love to be able to take advantage of community social events and amenities for families with children. We are interested in CCE but before we commit- can anyone tell me if there are a lot of children and young families in this community? I have heard that it is mostly empty nesters and retirees. Are the retirees and empty nesters welcoming to families? (I only ask because I have seen some posts on these message boards re: children that are a little concerning...). Any input would be much appreciated. Thank you so much!
  2. piemaker

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    most of the curmugeons in this area seem to hate children
  3. Chuck

    Chuck Super-Star Member

    It's amazing that piemaker seems to walk in the footsteps of a certain Mr. Zimmerman and several other 'curmudgeons'.
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  4. Sherimcb

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    I have actually seen a number of posts on this site as to kids not being welcome here, not allowed to play outside, parents receiving letters that their children are nuisances, etc. I'm not sure how much of it is true but it has honestly made us reconsider the move.
  5. luby162

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    Don't believe everything you read on here... We live in Central Park and it is loaded with kids and gated. Kids are very welcome here as is Happy Hour !!!
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  6. Rita

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    I live in CCE and I have a 13 year old and a 10 year old. We have about 10 kids of varying ages just in our division. We have never had any problems with our neighbors. All the empty nesters are nice to our children. We respect them. The Retreat is a nice area for families to hang out, too!
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  7. Jim C

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    There are jerks every where. I'll never understand why people do not like kids of all ages. I hate it when adults say negative stuff about teens. Yes they can be jerks but guess what so were we.
    many adults seem to forget that fact. A few years back there was an accident in RC took out a sign for the RC Sanctuary. At the board meeting the board was stating negative stuff about the teens that did it. Problem was when I asked who did it they had no idea of the persons age or gender.
    Some adults are just jerks OMG maybe they were the ones I was told to stay away from by my parents!!!!!!
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