Parade of Golf Carts

Discussion in 'The Country Club' started by Andrew, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Andrew

    Andrew Active Member

    Does anyone know what was going on this evening on the LWRCC course? Looks like everyone is lined up for cart racing. golf1.JPG golf2.JPG
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  2. Fluffy1954

    Fluffy1954 Super-Star Member

    Must be a tournament or something. Still I've never seen anything quite like that on the course.
  3. Fluffy1954

    Fluffy1954 Super-Star Member

    Actually now I look at the pictures closer it looks like they are waiting for a golfer to come by. Did I miss someone famous today?!
  4. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    Golf course lemmings? :D
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  5. michellemybelle

    michellemybelle Founding Member

    Cart racing lol! The Women's member guest tournament was held yesterday at the CC. But still those are bizarre pictures.
  6. Jim C

    Jim C Super-Star Member

    Looking for the submarine races?????
  7. amy walker

    amy walker Super-Star Member

    Yes! Looks like they are waiting for James Bond to come out of the pond.
  8. luby162

    luby162 Super-Star Member

    Escorting the Snowbirds to the Highway !!! ;)
  9. Bobby

    Bobby Well-Known Member

    Looks like an advertisement for " Come on down " LOL
  10. MJS

    MJS New Member

    I know this is a little late but there was a 3 hole play off to determine the winner of the WGA member/guest. Many of the players came out to watch the finale.
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  11. Andrew

    Andrew Active Member

    Hi MJS, thanks for contributing......nice to finally know!
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