Police out in force today in Country Club

Discussion in 'The Country Club' started by BillJacob, Oct 27, 2014.

  1. BillJacob

    BillJacob Well-Known Member

    Saw a couple of cops out today in Country Club. One had a woman pulled over on Arnold Palmer and the other was by the Country Club entrance. Keep the speed down folks.
  2. henhill

    henhill Active Member

    Didn't go into the country club but there was a cop standing on Lorraine by the side entrance to the country club getting cars going south.
  3. RonnieJ

    RonnieJ Member

    I haven't seen any since last week but I know they were out last week because I got stopped. But I only got a warning lucky me.
  4. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    The Manatee County Sheriff has a hotline for reporting violations. This may help to encourage them to patrol our streets.

    24-hour Traffic Complaint Hotline:
    Report traffic violation you witness in Manatee County
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  5. Marion B

    Marion B Member

    Hmm have you ever tried to call that number? I wonder what they do since the incident will have already passed. Interesting though. There are plenty of people on the highway I'd like to call about.
  6. carguy

    carguy Active Member

    They can't do anything as they are not present to witness your complaint. I have found that some complainers of speedy drivers are incorrect in their judgment. For example, a man once yelled at me to slow down when I was driving the 30 mph speed limit. To the untrained eye, many people think others are speeding when most likely they are not. There are tolerances to posted speed limits and I don't think there is anything wrong with minimal fluctuation in speed. We all do it, even the police!
  7. RonnieJ

    RonnieJ Member

    There are cops all over the CC today. I was told there are having blitz today. I saw three on my way out this morning.
  8. David

    David Super-Star Member

    If you on I-75 doing 78 and a car passes you rapidly- they are speeding! call *FHP- I only do if they are driving dangerously- e.g. weaving in and out, cutting people off-
    hopefully not driving the wrong way!
  9. Carie

    Carie Founding Member

    You should get yourself a dash cam too. Best thing I've bought in a long time.
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  10. chrislovespoodles

    chrislovespoodles Active Member

    I saw one yesterday on Hidden River Trail! I waved to him because, quite frankly, I was happy to see him there. We have so much wildlife on that street that I think it's criminal to speed excessively on that road. I think some people think it's a race track, with all the nice curves. I admit to going a bit over the 25 mph limit sometimes, but occasionally someone will be tailgating me. I'm not going to run over one of those baby sandhill cranes (colts) just so you can shave 30 seconds off your arrival time to whatever important engagement you have.
    Oh, before you think I'm one of those pokey drivers that can make you crazy, I think 35 mph is way too slow for Lorraine Road, but I hear that objections in the past have been rebuffed by the powers-that-be. 45 mph seems like a more natural speed to me.
  11. luby162

    luby162 Super-Star Member

    I may be wrong but i once asked the same question and was told that since LWR is a green community that secondary roads have to maintain no higher than 35 mph speed limits to remain a green community ?? just what i have been told before not sure if that is the correct reason but thought i would share...Good for the cops being out in force, sad that they need to be...Slow down People !!!
  12. George

    George Super-Star Member

    When the limit was established for Lorraine Road it was done quickly with very little input from Residents in general. A select few knew when it was scheduled to be vote on. If Vanessa ever posts again, she could say more, but it really was a poorly made judgement call. Nothing to do with being green. Luckily, since many of us have complained loudly to the sheriff's office, they have backed off setting up speed traps regularly.
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  13. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Still need to be careful, but 40 or 45 is much more realistic on Lorraine.
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  14. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    The people who back up to Lorraine Road would most likely want the current speed limit to remain. This was discussed years ago because with the increase in speed, the louder the noise generated from the vehicles, especially the trucks. The gravel trucks going up and down Lorraine were always speeding and the noise generated by them was a big annoyance for those homes. Also, if the speed limit were increased, many drivers would speed 5-10 mph above that limit anyway. I do think that if it were not for the consideration of the surrounding homes along the road that the speed limit should be increased.
  15. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Gravel trucks will speed no matter what the limit. The speed limit remains 50 to 55 on the older section of Lorraine which has buses stopping along it everyday. There was never any studies done to determine the effect of noise. The speed limit is too low and should be increased.
  16. G. Fuschetto

    G. Fuschetto Super-Star Member

    My wife got pulled over from a speed trap on Lorraine a few weeks ago. She was going 44. The officer was also nasty to her for no reason like she just robbed a bank and gave her a ticket. Since then I have tried to go 35 on Lorraine and it is near impossible. Sounds like easy money for the county.
  17. George

    George Super-Star Member

    You should call the Sheriff's office and complain loudly. Specify the badge ID and the time of the offense. Was the trap on the entrance to the Ritz Golf Club? That is the location that I was a victim and clocked at 43. I ended up paying the ticket, but now whenever I see the stake out happening, I call to complain, and flash my headlights the entire length of Lorraine Road.
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  18. luby162

    luby162 Super-Star Member

    I don't have a problem with the speed limit anywhere, people around here drive way too fast as it is... i wish they would put more speed traps ... why is it impossible to drive 35 ?? i know it seems slow, but ask the people running or riding bikes if they mind. Or the kids walking home from Willis .. Where is everyone in such a rush to go that 35 seems ridiculous to them ?? I call the Sheriffs office to complain that people are speeding, i have yet to see anybody do 35... usually 60 !!!
  19. michellemybelle

    michellemybelle Founding Member

    They are normally at the entrance to the Country Club on Lorraine. But I'm haven't seen them out there for a while. It actually is impossible to drive 35 on Lorraine.
  20. luby162

    luby162 Super-Star Member

    Sorry, i don't see how driving 35 is "Impossible" If it is that difficult then they should put a bunch of lights between University and 70. It is a safety issue, there is a Witt Elementary school right off Lorraine, would rather someone get a ticket than have a funeral for a kid...Just my opinion
  21. George

    George Super-Star Member

    Witt Elementary is on Rye Road and Rye Road has a speed limit of 55. No problems have been reported. 35 is not a viable speed on Lorraine.
  22. SasaSara

    SasaSara Well-Known Member

    There are no school entrances directly on Lorraine. Both Willis and McNeal are off Lorraine. But if kid safety is the reason for the low speed limit then let there be school zones (20 mph) or whatever it is at drop off and pick up times. However I really don't think the current speed limit has anything to do with the schools.
  23. George

    George Super-Star Member

    I will continue to drive 40 to 45 on Lorraine and expose the speed traps as needed until the speed limit is adjusted accordingly.
  24. luby162

    luby162 Super-Star Member

    You can drive as fast as you like...you can drive 145 just keep writing those checks !!!
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  25. luby162

    luby162 Super-Star Member

    Just curious.... How would you know that ?? are you the complaint department ??

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