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    Hi carguy!

    Not sure what you mean regarding monkey see ect... I don't know of anyone else parking there. I am the one in the picture. I am also the one that talked to the police a few nights after. Who by the way thought having to respond to this call was a ridiculous waste of time and resources. Which it was....but at least the country club
    can sleep easy knowing they have nothing to fear from the felonious fisherman.....and I got to meet a couple of really nice, down to earth guys that
    want nothing more than to keep us safe!

    If you are assuming that there is any sort of parking lot, let alone a "giant" parking lot to the left then you
    clearly have no idea of the area we are talking about....though from the way you're taking this post personally I'm starting to think
    that you may have been the one to call the police.....but that's also's the way of the world now. People prefer to hide behind law
    enforcement and prefer to puff their chest out behind the great and powerful internet.

    As for my arrogance I'm not sure what posts you are reading. I clearly said that if someone were to stop by and say this is really
    not a good place to park....I would take it in consideration and likely move. I apologize if that seems like an arrogant statement
    to you.

    I also am a resident.....I am not sure why you would assume I have something against "residents". For the most part I enjoy
    living in the country club. I enjoy my neighbors...the wonderful family living to my right. The retired couple to my left who
    seem to be able to find a way to enjoy every single day....the man I see 3 out of 6 days when I pick up the mail and tells me
    to have a good night .....and the gentleman in the blue Oldsmobile who I have no idea what his name is but if I'm outside and
    he drives by he rolls his window down and yells "hey hey"! I love that!!

    As for your opinion of my "shortcomings" I am all ears as to what you feel this situation/post has revealed about my shortcomings
    as a resident or a human being. I would not even attempt to pull the wool over your eyes and say that I have no faults....and if you
    would really like to explore them I can give you my wife's phone number and she can certainly entertain you with a never ending
    stream of irritating/poorly thought out adventures that will certainly be written in the book of "things that we never have
    to go over again".

    And if you have not read all the way to the end of this post I apologize for my "arrogance" in assuming you had.....and if you have
    made it to the end.....thank you for your time and patience but I am am running late for an appointment with my
    wonderful wife to beat me at cribbage.
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