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Discussion in 'Mallory Park' started by D.D., Apr 26, 2017.

  1. D.D.

    D.D. New Member

    hello- does anyone have an opinion or information on either Savanna or Greyhawk landing? Moving this summer with teens.

  2. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    What are you looking for in a community? That's what you need to focus on although there are some obvious differences. Are you thinking new, resale, either? Do you want to live where construction will be going on for a while? Are there certain amenities that are most important to you? Are there other communities that you aren't considering?

    Also, are you thinking about Lennar or Meritage? If new in Greyhawk, which builder?
  3. D.D.

    D.D. New Member

    Thanks Bob. I'm looking for a community with amenities, which they both will have. I like the idea of Savanna being in LWR, but maybe that shouldn't matter as I saw growth on the other side of 64? I love Greyhawk but wondering if being on other side of 64 matters on resale.
  4. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    If you are comparing just the two locations (Savanna and GHL) then I believe that most people who would consider one would consider the other. There's no doubt that there are people who won't look at GHL at all because they regard it as "too far out there" but there are others, obviously, who don't feel that way.

    If all else is equal between the two, in your view, and you are only trying to decide based on "Lakewood Ranch" vs. "Bradenton", I think I'd give the slight edge to "Lakewood Ranch".
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