Speeding vehicle on Balmoral Woods Blvd

Discussion in 'The Country Club' started by slb, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. slb

    slb New Member

    Approximately 5pm Wed. a brown Nissan Maxima license #BGTW80 passed me on the curve going 48 mph.
    She then continued speeding past a child on a bicycle to 13510 Montclaire Pl. This was a very dangerous situation and I wish the police officer who was actually timing on Greystone just minutes earlier would have been there. Be on the lookout….
  2. Steve Metcalf

    Steve Metcalf Super-Star Member

    That is such a specific speed - 48mph. How do you know? That's very jerky if they drove that fast right into their driveway! But it doesn't really surprise me. Did you have, words, with him / her?
  3. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    I believe you can contact the Manatee Sheriff and file a complaint.
    Look on the right side of the page under "Contact"


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