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Discussion in 'The Country Club' started by Fluffy1954, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Fluffy1954

    Fluffy1954 Super-Star Member

    I've lived here for almost ten years now and I've never seen deer around like this. I've almost hit a couple of them. I've started driving so slow people behind me are not happy. I also saw some people with signs at the entrance to the CC the other day..not sure what that was about but I think they were saying beware of the deer? Looked like they were on strike picketing. Anyone know?
  2. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    There was a story in the East County Observer about this. You can see it here. You are right, though. During the day, it's not a problem if you are paying attention but at night they can jump out in front of your car (and flash across your vision) before you have time to even process what happened. I had one jump right in front of us across LWR Blvd. just south of Watercrest at night and it was freaky!
  3. Steve Metcalf

    Steve Metcalf Super-Star Member

    I hit a deer last week by the club house entrance around 9pm. It got up and ran away. I'm not sure how because there was a huge dent on the front end of my car. I don't know why there is such an increase but obviously I'm seriously cautious now.
  4. Andrew

    Andrew Active Member

    Some people aren't any smarter than deer, drove past a pedestrian walking in the street the other night next to a perfectly paved side walk. Perhaps it was a cry for help?
  5. SasaSara

    SasaSara Well-Known Member

    Yes well people like the flatness of the road I guess. Worth getting run over for? Probably not.
  6. BillJacob

    BillJacob Well-Known Member

    LOL people are worse than the deer. I have to swerve to avoid more of them than deer. Although there are a ton of deer these days. Are there plans to relocate them? (The deer not the people).
  7. michellemybelle

    michellemybelle Founding Member

    I hope they don't relocate them. I mean this was their home before we moved in right.
  8. Simeon

    Simeon Active Member

    I hope they do move them unless they all want to get hit by cars. I leave for work around 6am and it's a jungle out there. Literally. It's the worst I've ever seen it.
  9. KET

    KET Founding Member

    I do not believe they "relocate" deer. Up in NY and CT when they became an issue they were culled (ie hunted). That really did not work as we later found out from a NYU professor that deer reproduce based on the density of other deer in the environment. Opening the area to hunting for a season or two reduced the population, however after the hunt ended does would have two instead of one offspring. Birth control as even considered (tried in CT) as Lyme became a concern.
  10. Robert Teem

    Robert Teem Well-Known Member

    Drove out of CC tonight while still light out, many deer on the way out to Lakewood ranch blvd entrance. Do people really have to stop their cars and stare for 5 minutes causing traffic to come to a complete standstill? So annoying! Anyhow, reading above about deer birth control makes me wonder if I pay for that too in my Florida Blue plan.
  11. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    Maybe this would help.

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  12. Fluffy1954

    Fluffy1954 Super-Star Member

    LOL that's a classic ^^. Deer numbers are worse than ever BTW.
  13. Emily Peterson

    Emily Peterson Well-Known Member

    Agree the deer population has exploded. And this is the time when 80% of the conceive! Prepare for the babies...They scare me more than anything. Running over Bambi would give me nightmares.
  14. Joey

    Joey Member

  15. Joey

    Joey Member

    Classic maybe...classic stupid!!!
  16. Fluffy1954

    Fluffy1954 Super-Star Member

    Now it seems like the deer have mostly disappeared. Is that just to me? I wonder where they've gone.
  17. I've been in the country club for 4 months and haven't seen a deer.
  18. Bob Bronston

    Bob Bronston Founding Member

    About two weeks ago we were out for a walk around 7:30pm and saw a deer walking down the sidewalk heading north on Lakewood Ranch Blvd. heading for SR70! It was kinda weird but very cool.
  19. donsak

    donsak Founding Member

    Tuesday evening we were driving on Legacy and a deer started running along side our car. Later on Arnold Palmer it ran back and forth in front of our car. I think it was teasing us.

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