Trick or treating?

Discussion in 'The Country Club' started by Steve Metcalf, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. Steve Metcalf

    Steve Metcalf Super-Star Member

    We moved to the country club this year and were wondering if any kids come and trick or treat inside the country club. Our friends have told us to go to Greenbrook but should we leave a bowl of candy out or someone stay home to hand out?
  2. Fluffy1954

    Fluffy1954 Super-Star Member

    My experience is that hardly anybody trick or treats in the country club. Country club east might be different.
  3. Brightnessin

    Brightnessin Member

    I've seen kids trick or treating in the country club on golf carts. But not walking around. Greenbrook is where it's at.
  4. amy walker

    amy walker Super-Star Member

    We're going to Greenbrook too this year.
  5. Potato Chips

    Potato Chips New Member

    One of the Neighborhoods in Country Club is pretty good for trick or treating. It might be Belmont. Someone there has a big party and there is a lot going on. But other than that it's pretty dead. Greenbrook or Summerfield gives you more bang for your buck.
  6. Steve Metcalf

    Steve Metcalf Super-Star Member

    Have to say that some areas of the CC were hopping. Belmont and Legacy were very busy with people on golf carts and walking. A lot of houses were decorated and some people really went all out. The rest of the CC that I could see was totally dead. Lights off and nobody walking around.

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